Daring Baker’s Challenge

DaringKitchen We were voracious readers of food blogs and how-to’s long before we decided to start our own.  We kept seeing posts out there that were labelled as a “Daring Bakers Challenge” and wondered what that was all about.  We figured it out.  It is a community of food bloggers associated with a website called “The Daring Kitchen“, which is an online community where recipes and advice are shared, highlighted, and discussed by bloggers; some of which are professional chefs to folks who just like to bake.

The Daring Kitchen has two separate monthly Challenges:  the Daring Bakers (for baked goods) and the Daring Cooks (for other non-baked foods). We applied to and were accepted by the Daring Bakers. Every month, we take on a new “challenge” to bake something new, different and sometimes, just plain weird.  Then,on the 27th of that same month, we post our scrumptious output, with pictures.  Everyone then joins together in a collective screen licking…or something very similar!!!  Now, the rules state that we are not allowed to tell you what we are working on for the current month (e.g. can’t spill what the challenge is), but we can tempt and entice you so check back because this month, we are being patriotic and impudent at the same time.

This is our first challenge so be sure to check back on July 27th to see our impudent submission!

Be sure to check out what’s happening over at our Battinburg Cakes website…lots of new baking thrills; be sure and like us and Follow us on Twitter!@BattinburgCakes.

Ciao for now,

V & K


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    1. Reese’s Whoopie Pieces | Battinburg Cakes

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