Happy Birthday America!!!

Happy Birthday America!!!

We baked a pigs in a hot tub filled with mud cake for you.


Okay – so you are asking yourself, “Self…what in the name of all that oinks does that pigs in the mud-filled hot tub cake have to do with the celebration of America’s independence?”

Well, let us  ‘splain.

For a large outdoor gathering of people at a picnic/BBQ, we were asked to make a fun dessert. Knowing that lots of kids would be there, we wanted to make something special for them. Our logic in making this cake was: Kids go swimming in the summer to cool off; pigs swim in mud for the same purpose; adults like hot tubs to de-stress; and kids of every age, old and young, played in the mud at least once in their lifetime.  Thus…Pigs swimming in the mud in a hot tub seemed the perfect summer fun cake for this outdoor gathering. For our inspiration, a friend who knows that my daughter LOVES little pink piggies had sent us the link to a totally cute pink pig cake picture a few months ago.  We loved the idea, but needed to adjust it for a hot & humid July day in North Carolina.

What we made was a bit of an “in your face” to those from whom America’s freedom was garnered because inside is a delicious 4-layer trifle cake…

–>homemade white cake with a red filling layer consisting of a fresh strawberry compote,

–>a white layer of (our own special humidity-resistant) yummmmmy buttercream, followed by

–>a fresh blueberry reduction.

The entire cake was covered in our own recipe of heat- and humidity-resistant dark chocolate ganache/buttercream.  To make the hot tub, we wrapped and layered chocolate creme cookies; tying the 4th of July theme together using an Old Glory-striped ribbon.  “Mud” consisting of more of our special chocolate ganache/buttercream covered the board and was splashed on top of the hot tub. Messy royal icing flowers and ferns dotted around the base of the tub (they are pigs after all and probably wouldn’t tend a garden very well!) The pink piggies dove into the tub after being made with our homemade sugar paste and allowed to thoroughly dry before being allowed to jump in the mud.


One of the cutest things at the party was a little boy about 6 years old who kept hovering close to the disappearing cake with a laser-beam gaze on the pigs. His face was lit by a toothless grin and subsequent joy as the pigs were removed from the mud and handed to him (with the appropriate warning about the sugar paste).  His unconstrained joy is the reason we take the time and effort to ensure quality in even the smallest detail in every creation we make.

Sorry we’re a little late in posting, but out of town family members slowed us down a wee-wee-wee bit.

Remember to stay tuned for our July challenge…we are soooo excited about this one!

Ciao for now!

V & K



  1. I see what you did there with the ending…LOL

    • Thanks for catching the multiple plays on the words!

  2. huntfortheverybest

    that is really adorable!

    • Thanks so much for your comment! We are glad you enjoyed the piggies. It’s 11:17pm and we just completed our Baker’s Challenge for July…be sure to check back on July 27 when we post our results…TOO FUN! Again, thanks so much. V & K

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