Baking with our Babies

As you all know, we are AVID bakers.  As the mom of this team, I began baking with my babies when they were very, very small by having them measure out the ‘gredients.  I learned very quickly how frustrating the myriad of containers could be to those small hands and I was determined to enable my babies to have success instead. Through that frustration, we developed what we now call a Kidable Life!!!  It’s basically changing the way routine tasks are performed in Life to make the Kids more readily Able to accomplish them.  Things like…measuring out the ingredients when baking.

For the many of you who enjoy baking with your babies and share those same frustrations, we highly recommend the blog A KidAble LIFE!!! where you will find suggestions with photos on ways to help you to enable your baby-kins to participate in the baking process while teaching them independence and self-confidence as they help. Check it out.

As for what’s been baking in the BBC (that’s Battinburg Cakes) kitchen since last blog…

Earlier in the week we were asked to create some kid-friendly treats, so we made dipped ice cream cone cakes. The flavors were…well…FANTASMIC! They are a rich dutch chocolate cake with a meringue (cooked) buttercream frosting. We gave it a quick freeze before dipping in 80% dark chocolate ganache.  I had to use a fork to ensure I got all of the gooey richness of the frosting in every single bite of cake.
PCurl on Top Cuppy

We did learn though that you have to sample the cones before baking because, well, we bought a box of cones that were stale and baking them didn’t improve their prospects. So, we bought a second box from somewhere else (actually opened the box in the store to make sure they were fresh – yup – would have bought them anyway because we opened ’em, but we were sure of their freshness this time!) These cones tasted much fresher after baking.  PCurl on Top Cuppy1

Don’t know if you know, but we follow a paleo lifestyle. Two nights ago for dessert, Kendra made a Cherry Peach Pie that was paleo, gluten free and sugar free…man oh man was it tres incroyable (in Vicki-French…that means man-oh-man yummy)…I really wish you could taste this baby. Fresh South Carolina peaches, local pitted cherries, almond and pecan crust with whipped coconut cream and garnished with ground pistachios and crushed burnt almonds. She made this and dinner, which was a wonderful corn and chicken chowder (also paleo) off the top of her head (aka “refrigerator surprise”).  Now that’s talent!  If I can convince her to stop baking and sit down for 5 seconds to document the recipes, I will share.

Cherry Peach Pie   Cherry Peach Pie2


Tomorrow, we will be constructing our first trial cake for our Baker’s Challenge July cake.  We are working on a new technique for symmetry that we will share with you later and are busy working through how our made-from-scratch blueberry cotton candy will translate to a cake mix. Intrigued? Stay tuned (remember – we’re not allowed to tell!)

We are working on a couple of other projects that we can’t discuss just yet.  Suffice it to say…it’s staying pretty darn busy here in the BBC Kitchen!!!

Well, stay tuned and thanks so much for all of the kind words of support that you’ve been sending.  We REALLY appreciate them. Be sure and check out all of the other delicious treats on our website

Ciao for now!

V & K


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