Monster (formerly known as Cookie) Cupcakes

Monster (Formerly Known as Cookie) Cupcakes


We remember when the Muppets first appeared on the scene.  We also remember the peales of laughter that would erupt when the Cookie Monster would set his sights on his next delicious target and then completely devour it in a hail of cookie crumbs.  Nowadays, there are some politically-correct nay-sayers out there in the world who  insist that the Cookie Monster is no longer good for our youth and that he should no longer be referred to as the “Cookie Monster.” We heard a rumor that they are trying to float the idea that he now prefers the taste of veggies over cookies.  Now, growing up in the age of Prince and the Artist Formerly Known as Prince, we are no strangers to celebrities changing their names. However, we do not now nor will we EVER believe that this adorable little blue monster (or any kid for that matter)  is craving vegetables for a treat.  Nor will we believe that this furry guy wants to be re-named as a “veggie” monster.  I  mean come on!  Sing with me… “C is for Cookie…that’s good enough for me!  C is for Cookie..that’s good enough for me!  C is for Cookie…that’s good enough for me.  Oh Cookie, Cookie, Cookie starts with C.”

This is a matter of principle. To prove our point, we did a little experiment with our adorable cupcakes.


See, it’s just wrong!!! We refuse to let the politically correct mess with our Cookie Monster!  So, this Monster Formerly Known as Cookie will always and forever enjoy the sweet taste of cookies over veggies in our world.

Enjoy these goodies while you can ‘cuz they won’t stay around long. The best part about this recipe, you’ll have leftover chocolate chip cookies for your own little cookie-eaters!!

Hope you have as much fun making these as we did.  Kids loved ’em and the adults thought they tasted great.

Ciao for Now!

V & K


Assembling The Monster Formerly Known as Cookie Cupcakes

1.  Start off with the BEST-TASTING Chocolate Chip Cookie with a Twist.  Cookie Monster will expect nothing less than the best!  Be careful on the size of your cookies…you want them to fit in Cookie Monster’s “mouth”.  Look to make them them width of your cupcake.

PChocolate Chip Cookie (5)

2.  Make a batch of cupcakes. We decided that Cookie Monster just screams “chocolate” because C is for Chocolate…that’s good enough for me!  We used our Chocolate-Dipped Curl-on-Top Devil’s Food chocolate cupcake because we know they are the best-tasting chocolate cupcake recipe  in the world …bake as cupcake, don’t fill.  Line the cupcake pan with paper instead of cones; fill papers 2/3 full and bake for 25 minutes observing the caution in the recipe for watching the baking time carefully.

3. Make a batch of our Amazing Buttercream and dye it a semi-dark blue. Think Cookie Monster blue. Once the buttercream is dyed, dye an entire bag of sweetened coconut a lighter blue than your frosting. The contrast between these colors looks really nice!


4.  Frost your cupcake with your blue buttercream. Sprinkle the coconut over the cupcake. You can pack it on the cupcake so it sticks. Don’t forget the sides of the cupcake. You don’t want to see plain buttercream. Make your Cookie Monster cupcake look furry!


5.  Using a small knife, cut a slit into your marshmallow. Wriggle the knife in the marshmallow so you get a decent hole inside your marshmallow. This allows the chocolate chip to stick into the marshmallow and not just sit on top. It will fall off if you don’t cut the marshmallow and then stick the point of the chocolate chip into the hole.


6. Place a small dab of frosting on the bottom of the marshmallow (not the side with the cut on it). Put the frosting side down onto the cupcake.  Place another marshmallow next to the other one to create the eyes.  Repeat with the other marshmallows and cupcakes until you have a bunch of Cookie Monsters looking back at you with vacant eyes.

7-Marshies 8-MarshiesPlacement 9-MarshiesOnCupcake

7.  Place the curly (pointy) side of the chocolate chip into the cut of the marshmallow so the flat part of the chocolate chip lays flat on the marshmallow.


8.  Here comes the tragic part: Cut your delicious chocolate chip cookies in half. Hold off any and all desire to eat the other half of the cookie…you’re going to use it for another cupcake. Spread a little frosting on the cut side of the cookie. (If this seems “off” to you, don’t let it bother you. It will not alter the taste of the cookie; it just allows it to stick better to the cupcake). Place the cut side down on the cupcake below the marshmallow eyes.  This creates the mouth full of cookie for Cookie Monster.

Voila! Perfect Cookie Monster cupcakes!!


Store in an airtight container and eat within a few days or the coconut will become very dry and leathery.



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