Bizee – not Absentee

Battinburg Cakes is hopping!!!  Which is why we were conspicuously absent this week from  posts – for which, we humbly apologize  to our loyal followers.  Here’s just a small sample of what we were doing this past week…

PHalloween Cake (2)

In prepping for Halloween, we created a low-deco ALL NATURAL  red velvet cake with a cocoa cream cheese frosting and a witch cutout….No artificial food colorings were used in making this sumptuous indulgence (and are NEVER USED IN ANY of our  great-tasting treats).


PPumpkin Pie Next…A scrumptious  scratch sugar- and dairy-free pumpkin pie  (for a kidlet who doesn’t want birthday cake)…

This was a lot of fun…PIce Cream Cone-2

An “ice cream” cake for another dairy-free kidlet’s birthday…no actual ice cream involved. Instead, this was a scratch sprinkles cake made to match her party “vibe”.

PKey Lime Pie (3)My personal fav – fresh-squeezed key lime pie with a (paleo) coconut/almond crust …

And…the Pièce de résistance…

PCupcakeWe were asked to provide dessert for a fundraiser dinner for the Catherine Wyche Foundation; a group dedicated to raising awareness about the obscure symptoms of that killer: Ovarian Cancer.

PCupcake (9)

We donated butterfly-embedded dutch chocolate cupcakes with teal mint frosting and white chocolate decorations, including the famous teal ribbon.

PCupcake (4)

PCake (20) The foundation’s founder, Monica Brown-Gary held a bake sale the following day to which we also donated this magnificent designer cake with hand-poured white chocolate.

It was a pleasure working with Monica to help her group raise funds for their wonderful mission.

PCake (19)

All in all, it was a VERY BUSY and tasty week.  Stay tuned.  We have lots more in store!

Ciao for Now!

V & K


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