Halloween House-BattinburgCakes Style

The Cake That Took Days and Days to Make!

PHalloween House (26)

A friend helps a little boy who absolutely LOVES Halloween.  His eyes can light up the room whenever Halloween is even discussed!  Given our shared love for the day, we undertook to make him his very own gingerbread Halloween House (who says a gingerbread house can only be made in December?)  Suffice it to say, everything you see (except the 35″ x 47″ x 3/4-inch plywood board) is 100% edible…and that’s a lot of yummyness!  We even decorated inside the house so if you peek through the windows, you will see a dancing ghost, vampire, monster, and ghoul on a cookie floor.

PHalloween House (5)

The graveyard is guarded by hand-piped royal fencing made to look like Gothic wrought iron.

PHalloween House (24)

The roof is tiled candy corn with

PHalloween House (6)

krispy rice and pretzel stick fenceposts supporting lollipop lights surrounding the front and sides, with a walkway leading to a candy-crusted cookie and cracker spooky and dark front porch.  Growing out front is a licorice and fondant pumpkin patch while around the side and back, dead chocolate licorice trees sprout from muddy-looking ganache-filled planter boxes.

PHalloween House (8)

PHalloween House (11)

We doubt Juliet would even want to cry out to her Romeo from this rickety second-story balcony overlooking the graveyard complete with unburied casket.

PHalloween House (14)

PHalloween House Graveyard

PHalloween House (12)

Decorated peanut-butter-cup roses are dead enough to please Morticia as they adorn a broken-down pretzel/candy trellis and mud ganache smothers any green that would attempt to live while dead weeds abound.

Our labor of love weighed almost 35 lbs when it was done.  It was as large as a kitchen table and we hope that you and our little friend enjoy it as much as we did making it for you both.

Ciao for now and Happy Halloween!

V & K



  1. This is absolutely amazing! I love how you’ve kept it completely edible as well.
    Congrats and thank you for the inspiration!

    • Glad you enjoyed our labor of love & Happy Halloween!!!
      V & K


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