Monthly Archives: December, 2013

The Magical, Disappearing Cinnamon Rolls!

Presenting, the Magical, Disappearing Cinnamon Rolls!!!! Make ’em , Bake ’em, and Watch ’em disappear! These magical, disappearing Cinnamon Rolls are great for two reasons: 1) They are “drooling on the counter” delicious.  2)  They’re an overnight marvel. You make them and put them in the fridge before you go to bed, and in the …

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The Nitty Gritty Details of Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

This time of year when people try their hand at chocolates to give as a gift, we are asked all manner of questions about chocolate work. Many of the questions are the same, so hopefully this blog will help you in your quest for Christmas goodies as well. Bark or real chocolate  for dipping?   The …

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Gingerbread Houses and a Task for You!

Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home! And what a home this is! The walls are delicious, spicy gingerbread. The roof and side walls adorned with sweet, sweet candy. (We use leftover Halloween candy. We know, we know….how do we make it last??? That’s a long story for another post!) In …

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