Laying Down Our Spatulas

Not every recipe we bake is a winner. More often than not it takes many trials and errors to get a recipe worth posting. Our signature cake, the Burnt Almond Torte, took over 25 trials. 25 different cake recipes. 25 different versions of frosting. 25 different cakes that ended up in the garbage. But it was all worth it. We ended up with a superb cake that is superior to all other cakes we bake.

That’s not always the case. Sometimes after many trials and many MANY errors we still don’t have a recipe we deem worthy to share with the world. This is one of those recipes.

Like all recipes, this started out with very good intentions. Living in the south summer means fresh peaches; beautiful golden orbs of sunshine! Starting in June we began planning our Peach Cupcake. We decided on peach cupcake filled with peach chutney, and frosted with our signature buttercream mixed with peach puree. Sounds heavenly, right? We started with a great base cupcake recipe. We knew that we didn’t want large chunks of peaches so we decided that chop the fresh peaches and then toss them with some sugar to break down the fibrous quality of the peaches. We reserved some of the chunks and pureed the rest. We added 1/2 the puree to the cupcake batter in place of milk and reserved the other 1/2 for the frosting. (Looking back, this is probably where we went wrong. The peach puree wasn’t peachy enough. The cupcakes were deliciously moist, but they were tasteless. There wasn’t any outstanding feature. Maybe if we sauteed the peaches in some butter and sugar then the flavors would become more pronounced). With high hopes we sent the cupcakes into the oven to bake. 17-19 minutes later we had what seemed like beautiful domes of peachy goodness.

Once they were cooled, we cored and then filled the cupcakes with the reserved peach chunks. (Once again, you couldn’t taste any peach!) The frosting was going to be easy (or so we thought). Just our delicious buttercream recipe. We replaced the milk with the leftover peach puree and we ended up with a beautiful colored frosting. The frosting wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t spectacular. And we only do things spectacularly.

The best part about cupcakes is the decorating. The frosting and little decorative accents take a boring ol’ cupcake over the edge…usually. This time the frosting just made it worse. It took a good intention into a freakish nightmare.

Peach Cupcake

The final cupcake result? Soap. The beautifully decorated, summer peach cupcake tasted like soap. And not very good soap.

After the many trials of this Peach Cupcake, we’re laying down our spatulas. It’s not giving up. It’s not quitting. It’s realizing that sometimes it’s not a mountain we need to climb. There’s someone out there who will create a better Peach Cupcake than we do. We accept that and move on. Let’s see…cherries are in season now…

Ciao for now!

V & K

PS-Sorry for the long time between posts. We’re in the middle of a HUGE move and it took us an hour to find the cupcake pans to make this recipe. Bear with us please!


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