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Candy is Dandy Part 3

What we do, it’s a labor of love. Akin to raising children, gardening, and doing laundry. Making our favorite candies at home may seem laborious or even insane, but the end result definitely screams “LOVE.” (Either that or “GO TO THE GYM” but we prefer the love…) We saved the best for last. We also …

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Candy is Dandy Part 2

This recipe is dangerous. It could give the CIA a run for its money. The reason why it is a should-be-top-secret-for-your-eyes-only- bury-it-in-a-hole-for-100-years dangerous recipe? Because all the ingredients are in your pantry. That means you can make it whenever you want. Inexpensively. Quickly. ….Dangerous recipe. Peanut Butter Cups are classic. But have you looked at …

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Candy is Dandy Part 1

Easter is in 2 weeks. 2 weeks!!!! It feels like Christmas was yesterday and now it’s almost Easter? Madness. To celebrate Easter, we seek to improve our Easter Basket efforts. Peeps are great and jelly beans are wonderful, but we can do better. In this three part series, we will make our own versions of …

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